Six of Pent's + Cancer, Golden Age of Hollywood + Blooming Cat


Not a day to play Robin Hood!

It's nice to 'take from the rich and give to the poor' and all that, but today beware how you utilize your cancerian attributes!
And you don't have to explain why you say no - the veto-theme of the 1st deck

It's likely that your ego/protectors/managers want to distract you with 'good intentions' now!
Helping others instead of helping yourself...
In a sense continuation of the past two days warnings, but it's softening a bit.
First we had the dark 'don't sign a contract with the Devil!' thing, then the warning of preachers (outside ones and inside ones...)
Now - a warning of actions 'selfless good deeds'... 

If you're anything like me you have this 'malleable chameleon ego', or band of co-operating managers-protectors, with a stack of cards up their sleeves (why I need 200+ tarot decks to call their cards :D).
They play every trick in of the book to keep you distracted from 'doing the job', feeling your emotions, listening to your body and soul...
If tempting and manipulating (Devil) or lecturing and intimidating (the Preacher) don't work, they readily switch faces and offer to 'volunteer'. If force doesn't work, on comes the untouchable hero cape.
You know it's about distraction when the 'service/hero deed' is accompanied by moody or sensitive energies, or explanations. 

It's a matter of a (nervous) system insistently wanting to redirect focus to 'out there', by any means necessary. 

Stay strong. Don't fall pray. 
But don't ignore or counteract either!
No 'fight fire with fire'. 
What you resist persists!

Register and embrace your system in it's current status.
It's a matter of 'perfectly healthy trauma responses'.
#FeelToHeal an then, #Bloom

Deck: #GoldenAgeOfHollywood
Theme: "veto"

Deck: #BloomingCatTarot
Theme: "Time to bloom!"

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