Six of Cups + Strength, Inner Child Cards + African American


Healing through release of emotions in a group setting with guidance, rather than stuffing your arm down the throat and pulling them out by the roots - doing it 'all by yourself'!

The first card shows "five mermaids joining each other and rising from the sea". The sixth mermaid on the stork (new life) is "offering a spiritual lifeline from above".

A transition is taking place. 
A release.

"Imagine that the sea has claimed your tears and the Sune is drying your eyes."
The completion of a (release) cycle.
As a five-year old child I knew how important it was to "finish the cry". 
"I'm not done crying yet", I hissed, when I was "comforted" through acts and words wanting me to stop crying - probably because it was uncomfortable to them that I was "sad", and they just wanted it to go away...

Along the way you forget and are guided away from that innate wisdom you have as a child. 
You're taught to "grow up" and "be strong".  
To "take the bull by the horns".

Out of survival you listen. Comply. Imitate.
Become resilient. 

Unlearning all this is a challenge!
And learning again to listen to your body and it's signals, after all these years of running over and domineering it.

You have developed inner managers that wont let you be vulnerable, and that want to "do something about the problem" - reach down and just pull it out!
But it doesn't work that way!
That hurt inner child (exile) needs softness, understanding, support, holding.

It may require negotiation skills if your 'security system' is well developed and ingrained. If your managers and protectors are working shifts, fullt-time. And some soft guidance from someone you trust, and some form of group.
I'm really happy that I found #DrAimie and her courses <3
All the knowledge she share, help my managers to relax. And the way she frames her courses and HOW she guides through them help my protectors to lower their guards. And listening to others' experiences gives the sense of 'belonging'.

Deck: #InnerChildCards
Theme: "imagination, play, creativity, innocence"

Deck: #AfricanAmericanTarot
Theme: "roots" 

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