Seven of Wands, Rabbit Tarot


You're doing it - facing your fears and managing your trauma responses!

You're winning over your instinct (response) to 'fight for yourself', 'show you matter', 'defend yourself' and/or 'explain yourself'!
Instead you are understanding yourself better, getting to know yourself better, learning 'what happened to you', and learning how to step away. Instead of 'standing up for yourself' you learn to just walk away, set boundaries, regulate.

When you learn to stop to explaining yourself and trying to 'make everyone understand' you and your experiences, the threat disappears - sticks just being sticks on the ground, with no one holding them.
Of course you can and should share your story, your experiences - to Those that Want To Hear - but there's a wast difference between sharing/describing and (fearfully/defensively) explaining (to those not caring/being able to listen) :)

Once regulated/healed there can be occasions that call for 'standing up' for yourself and/or others, but now is not such a time.
Now it's time to heal, tread were it feels safe, to regulate, to create disconfirming experiences!
Inspiration: #MastinKipp #DrBrucePerry

Deck: Rabbit Tarot
Theme: "facing your fears (rabbits)"
Card: Seven of Sticks

#tarotcollection #cardoftheday #traumahealing #nervoussystemregulation #regulation #soulalignment #healing #selfregulation #selfcare #selfknowledge #NeurosequentialModel #neurobiology #guidance #relearning #neurodevelopment #traumatology #Resilience

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