Seven of Wands, Fantasy Showcase Tarot


No need for explanations!

The ol' "Never complain, never explain" (Benjamin Disraeli) comes to mind.
If you don't complain, and don't try to 'explain yourself', you most probably wont have a reason to 'defend yourself'.

Whatever it is you have to say or do, just say it or do it.
No need for a long prelude or 'description of the situation as you see/feel it'. 
Others don't have to understand everything the way you understand things into the smallest of details.

Stand your ground as far as 'walk your path', but no reason to explain every step.
Just say or do what you know in your heart you have do say or do. 
There's no more to it!

Of course there are instances were an explanation has its place, but not here :)

If you feel the need to "defend yourself" go within and ask yourself why.
And for that answer, ask why again.
And so on.

And one might also add: "never convince". 
Firstly, if they 'have to' be convinced to see things the way you see it, they're not 'there yet'.
Secondly, trying to convince someone is just NOT the same thing as standing your ground.
Trying to convince others typically (also) originates in some kind of fear.
Fear of what "otherwise might happen", fear of walking or doing things alone - oftentimes hidden behind the 'good intentions' of the ego.

What does it matter if someone doesn't understand you, really?!
The important thing is that you understand yourself, and live accordingly :)

Deck: Fantasy Showcase Tarot
Theme: "outside known boundaries" or "overcoming separation"
Card: Seven of Wands (R)
"confusion; warning against indecision"

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