Seven of Pent's + The Hierophant, Crystal Visions + Spiral


Although much is done, there's more to do!

Maybe a feeling of pointlessness has crept in. Why am I doing this anyway?
The "results" are vague, and any eventual goal even more so!

But keep up the good work!
Not because of any shine prize or tons of recognition, or any other reason that's it is right!

Continue on Your Path, speaking Your truth - regardless of who's looking and listening, and what they are seeing and hearing!

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot
Theme: "the answer is in the future/yet to be unveiled"
Card: Seven of Pent's
"disappointment and lack of desire to continue with a venture or project"

Side note: I wouldn't have mind sleeping a bit longer, as I dreamed that Sam Heughan became my boyfriend tonight :D

Deck: Spiral Tarot
Theme: "advancing on the spiral of growth"
Card: The Hierophant
"Speaking your truth, retaining "

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