Seven of Pent's + Five of Pent's, Shapeshifter + Epic


Feeling that something is 'choking you' and risk impoverish you? 

Is it true, or is it fear speaking?

Can you shift this into a matter of epic growth and learning about 'resources'? :)

Deck: Shapeshifter Tarot
Theme: "the ability to embody the characteristics of another being" for a higher understanding/awareness
Card: 7 of Earth - Growth (R)
"Beginnings, talents"

Deck: Epic Tarot
Theme: "Extending beyond the usual or ordinary"
Card: Five of Pent's
"Life is meant to move and flow and this goes easier when we share, consuming only what is necessary."
"Someone has taken more than they require, causing lack and despair for others in need."

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