Seven of Pentacles, This Might Hurt Tarot


Patience might hurt! :D

But it wont kill you ;)

"It's time to observe what you have built so far and ask yourself if you are still on the right path.
And maybe you are!"

Time for reflection isn't just for periods/situations where you feel the need to change direction, but equally important - for times when you're totally on track!!
Pause and smell the roses!
Pause and embrace the isness of the moment!

Don't go around searching for everything that still 'needs to be done'.
Don't hurry on to the next task you 'must cross out on the list".

Entertain the thought that everything is perfect as it is, in this moment.
Entertain the thought that things couldn't be any other way, because they aren't!
Entertain the thought that right now, there's nothing you should or must do.

Does it "hurt" or stress you to entertain those thoughts?!
There's your entry point for deep reflection :D

Which thought hurts? How does it hurt, were does it hurt, why does it hurt?
What old belief lead you think that you cannot/should not pause?
Why does it hurt to pause an "be with it (yourself)"?

Deck: #ThisMightHurtTarot
Theme: -^-
Card: Seven of Pentacles

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