Seven of Pentacles, Inner Child Cards


Focus on inner alignment!

The cards continue to highlight the importance of following your creativity, and your heart, and and take time to hear your inner voice and guidance, and the voice of your innocent playful inner child. 
To really let it sink in:
If it's not promoting your creativity and unique brilliance - it's not for you.
And again:
"If I don't hear it...I don't do it." - Leah Lund

This takes courage.
At least for those of us who have been disconnected from our intuition most of our lives, and merely 'done what we were supposed to do', not knowing what else to do!
The best we could do was to look for ways/choices that felt 'least wrong', because we did not know/feel what was right for us.
And no one taught us that there were other voices than that of the head to listen to!

So we're still in the 'Preparing for a New Beginning Phase'.
We're advised to remain patient, to pause and:
"rebuilding strength for your next adventure or awareness in life."
"be still and let the inner truth be revealed."

To let it fully sink in - what you're really and truly done with. 
Venus is still retrograde.
Maybe you deeply wish and want to 'get out' of something as soon as possible.
But patience my dear, wait for the right timing.
'Put it in the hands of God/the universe', and let the path reveal itself.
So moving on doesn't become an action out of fear, anger or sorrow, but one of deep acceptance and 'readiness'.
And moving towards the light rather than out of darkness.
Moving on with an open heart, rather than a closed one, even if you close the doors for certain things you know you're done with.
Closing doors but not burning bridges :)

"Find your attunement and trust that all is well. Patience is a cardinal value."

"Let these candle lights reflect the brilliance of your inner journey."
The primary journey is the one within you, not what happens without!
You are a human being, not a human doing!

Time to rekindle or light ALL of those inner lights! 
And (preferably) never let them burn out again :)

Deck: Inner Child Cards
Theme: ""imagination, play, creativity, innocence"
Card: Seven of Crystals

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