Seven of Cups, Atavist Tarot


Overwhelm. Time to unwind.

Confession: I do NOT fancy Seven of Cups!
I always instinctively feel as if this card is telling me, "Oh boy (girl), are YOU out of touch with reality?! Get real! Take off those wise women glasses!" 
I really can't shake off the illusion theme this card carries! I dislike being deceived, fooled and "feeling stupid". I dislike not having the whole picture (which you never can have).
I NEVER understood the fun in 'Practical Jokes'. Just awful!
I've always had an uncomfortable sensation looking at magicians, when they pull their awesome mind-bogging tricks of illusion. No matter how cool, it reminds me about how easily the mind can be deceived.
And what is real and what is reality?! 

When I was a little girl I couldn't 'feel the difference between dreams and day-life'. Who decides that day-life is more important and REAL than what happens in dreams? I just didn't "get" this division. It seemed illogical to me.
What if my whole life is just a part of someone else's dream?
I REALLY didn't enjoy to think about these things though, because it 'fucked up my mind', and induced (even more) anxiety, and the strongest feeling of separation in my head. (I was terrified of being schizophrenic well up into my 30ies.)  
(I have Sag Neptune opposing Gemini Moon, trine/sextile Libra Pluto)


So, what is reality, what is real, and most of all: what is truly important??


I certainly don't have any universal answers for that, other than that I assume it involves the word 'love' somewhere!
But I think this card suggests that this particular Now is a good time to reflect on these matters!

"Be honest with yourself. Slow down and cut back what you are doing to the things that are really important to you."

And as it's raining where I am, with heavy winds coming in to join in soon, it's also a suiting weather for a cup of varm tea/coffee and some serious reflection.

"everything you do seems to be shallow and unfulfilling".
Everything sounds a little bit exaggerated(!) But, some things (or the general direction) might have been, but that has/is about to change (R).
Time for re-alignment and some course correction!

Deck: Atavist Tarot
Theme: "finding balance between religion and science" (or spirit/head - or intuition/facts)
Card: Seven of Cups (R)

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