Queen of Swords, This Might Hurt Tarot


When your head hurts and you're 'not the sharpest tool in the box', because your mental capacity is affected due to exhaustion!

When you rely quite a lot on your logic it can feel stressfull to be 'out of order'. You feel 'broken' and want to get back in 'business' as quickly as possible.
It might hurt.


I nearly collapsed from the heat yesterday!
I work with horses hooves. A rather physical work, which makes you sweat even on cold winter days.
After 2 horses my head spun and I had to lay down on the concrete floor.
After 5 horses I literately saw stars. Though drinking liters and putting my head under cold water every 10 minutes.
I'm not built for heat!

I did not (as usual) get a good nights sleep, had stressful dreams about 'not finding my way back', and I'm still quite 'groggy' today - reversed intuitive clarity. 
It's like my legs wont carry me - a feet-less queen.

I do NOT like this feeling of 'being out of order', which shows up in my stressfull dreams about not finding my way back.
Not finding the bus stop again (the way of the collective is not my way), wandering roads hither and tither with aching legs, not being able to 'speed up'.
Having to turn back back again - accept that I can't push to find clarity, but have to go back and rest/wait for it.
I love the personal guidance, clarification and comfort that dreams offer :) 

But there's no reason to stress or worry.
It is what it is. Things are as they are.
A day to have and show compassion for yourself (like you would if a good friend of yours was exhausted for one reason or another)!

Deck: #ThisMighHurtTarot
Theme: -^-
Card: Queen of Swords - Our Lady of Mental Clarity (R)

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