Queen of Swords, Rider Waite Tarot


Oh, the ol' Rider Waite visits us today!
The 'traditional' deck, hence warning us a little regarding just that ... sticking to tradition! 
You know all those, "this is how it's always been done".
It can be anything from doing things like others always done them, to doing things you've always done them - you'll figure out how it applies to you!

Maybe things will happen today triggering you to respond in a way you do not adhere to, or triggering you to act in a manner you no longer subscribe to.
Something may "give you the right" to act cold - a vice of the QoS. 

Let's break with the 'sharp business woman' (the one "having the right" to act and behave like a man), and be the ones taking the lead in embracing the true feminine - the fair, the intuitively logical, as regards to the QoS.
But of course the caring and nurturing too, but that's not the focus today.

Today maybe try 'backing down' in a situation where you feel triggered to 'serve/teach someone what's right'?
Maybe listen a tad more than you talk?
Or something else that challenge tradition - the general or your own!

Deck: RiderWaiteTarot
Theme: "tradition"
Card: Queen of Swords

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