Queen of Swords, Gamble-Hounsome Tarot


From your head to your heart!

1. "consider where our heads are at"
2. Then we need to bring "this mental energy down to our feeling centre"

A "blend of head and heart, resulting in intuition"
(The Queen of Cups arrives at the same destination, but though the reversed process)

If you are (like me) naturally logically and objectively inclined, the need now is to "look at what we are feeling and seat ourselves there for a time, to allow these energies to blend and settle."

Whatever the situation, get clear on what you are thinking, and how these thoughts make you feel. 
Are your thoughts supporting and expanding you, or restricting you in some way (make your heart contract, your throat hurt, etc)?
As always, it's not the situation in itself that limits you, but the thoughts you entertain around it!
So, it's not about 'only think positive thoughts', but about embracing all thoughts, and investigating where the negative ones come from - what feelings arise from your thoughts, where do they reside in your body, what memories do you connects with these thoughts/feelings?
An inner archeological excavation to reveal (outdated) survival-thoughts/patterns you drag around with you, and the beginning of writing a new more supportive narrative for yourself and your life :)

Deck: Gamble-HounsomeTarot
Theme: "the deck that created itself"
Card: Feeler of Arrows

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