Queen of Pent's + The Star, Journey Into Egypt + Fairy Tale


Feeling lack of self-confidence and out of touch with faith are we?!

I read, "The queen of coins will do whatever it takes to ensure her family is secure".
But what does it mean to ensure security?
There's a vast difference between Knowing you are safe, and Feeling you are safe!

Maybe the baby in the card 'has everything it needs' (food, roof over its head, clothes), but in this particular moment I see in this card a baby looking rather distressed and an inexperienced mother not emotionally connected to the baby.
The baby "on display" on the throne, the mother merely proudly "looking at her creation"!

The mother is most probably doing the best she can and know for her child, but I would guess that the child doesn't feel seen and emotionally cared for in this moment.
Too many of these subtle moments, and you have an emotional trauma!
I think each and everyone of us carry this type of trauma and inbuilt insecurity/disconnection to some degree.

Lets remedy this, shall we?!

Time to feel and heal, and regain some hope and reconnect with #faith!
Time to #BreakThePattern - for the sake of humankind - the only path to 'happily ever after'!
#EmotionalAwareness #EmotionalIntelligence #Responsibilty 

Deck: #JourneyIntoEgyptTarot
Theme: "Finding Your Civilizational/Non-Personal Duties"
Card: Queen of Pent's (R)

Deck: #FairyTaleTarot
Theme: "Happily ever after"
Card: The Star (R)
"lack of faith, disconnection"

#TarotCollection #FindingYourPurpose #OnPurpose #CardOfTheDay #Healing #Guidance #connection #nurturing 

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