Queen of Pentacles, Mibramig Tarot


Time to take care and nurture you yourself a bit, and find some inspiration again!

Yes, one are supposed to serve and be of service - but that include being in service for yourself too.
Lean back, breathe, return to the lifestyle that suits YOU(r best development).
Forget about pleasing and service others for a while.

It might feel unnecessary or associated with some feelings of reluctance.
But that's why you have to do it!
The inspiration and energy (resources) you need is to be found within you.

Focus diligently on your own nurturing and your own needs, and eventual obstacles will be overcome as a 'side-effect' (as they have a tendency to do when you focus on doing the right thing) :)

If the thought, 'A whole day focusing on myself?!' feels daunting, brake it down to chew-able pieces.
Five minutes at the time!
Do ONE thing for yourself. Then ONE more. 

Something's concealing and shadowing your resources now.
Or rather, YOU seem to be concealing them yourself some way - find out how, and why!

What is it that you are hiding from yourself, and others?

Deck: Mibramig Tarot
Theme: "reluctance taking on responsibility"
Card: Queen of Pentacles (R)

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