Page of Wands, True Heart Intuitive Tarot


"beginning to understand how to utilize and harness your personal energy, creativity, and sexual power."

About exploring and experiencing your fire, and not just play with it - as in risk getting burned, or burned out!
Learning what creativity means to you, and maybe in the beginning of a project or a relationship that matches or highlights your values in one way or another!
Maybe messages that spark your passion.
Feeling a tad more 'magnetic than usual'?!

Be curious and let what ever is happening open your world a bit - but it might do you well to practice some self-restraint too!
"In relationship dynamics, this Princess is a seductress in training"

Don't beat yourself up if you slip (into old patterns, or in trying out new ones) - it's through experience (including "mistakes") you'll learn what works for you!

Deck: True Heart Intuitive Tarot
Theme: "connect with the core energy and your intuition"
Card: Princess of Wands

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