Page of Wands, New Chapter Tarot


More delays, or ... what are we afraid of?

PageW R two days in a row!

Yesterday we could see a reluctance, or resistance - in the deck theme. 
Different intentions "battling" inside. 
Parts within us wanting to go in different directions.

Today's card doesn't have a reversed meaning specified.
I read, "Lust for life and a desire to try new things."

Is there maybe a part in us wanting to suppress (depress...) this yearning for "adventure"?
Or a 'sensible' part trying to talk us out of it?
A so called 'responsible' part - in reality being afraid of heading into the territory some other part of you is curious to explore?

Why does this self proclaimed sensible and responsible part have (been given) such authority over your choices?
What is it afraid of, really?
What fear is hidden behind that polished wall of righteousness and a need to be blameless and spotless?

It's not about just flipping a coin, discard this fearful part, an run over it.
That would again be suppression. 

Connect with it.
Hear what's behind the resistance.
The reason for it wanting to suppress your 'desire to try new things'.
What is it afraid will happen?
Why is that?
What historic event and experience is it afraid will repeat itself?


What an empty way of living.
Behind barriers of fear and a suppression of our inner fire.

Adress the pain, heal the hurt, and the walls can come down.

"The barriers that once prevented you from taking this leap are burning away."

Deck: #NewChapterTarot

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