Page of Pentacles, White Numen Tarot


Resist the urge to "make a change" or "start anew". 
If it walks away - let it.
If it's meant for you, it'll come back.

But there's just so much potential...
Look at all the gold and all the green tucked in all around his belt. 
I think I could influence if I...


But I "only want to help"...
I think I can remove the blindfold if I...


Accept, rest and reflect.
Again - it's not personal.
And there's nothing to "fix"
It's mechanisms beyond you - and your control - at work.

Deck: White Numen Tarot
Theme: "return home - don't push it, let it come"
Card: Page of Pentacles (R)

Time for a 'wonder question' or two maybe (inspiration: Gay Hendricks)?
"Hmmmmm, why did I draw this into my life?!"
"Hmmmmm, what am I not facing?"

Continue on Your path.
Your inner path.
Don't let your eyes distract you.
What you think you see isn't the whole truth.

Return home, and what's meant for you will find you there.

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