Page of Pentacles, Dark Wood Tarot


"The Page of Pentacles is the perpetual student who absorbs information like a sponge."

"She integrates information, takes what she learns, and creates new worlds for herself."

This describes me, my 'happy place' - Moon in 9th house Gemini (ruler Mercury in 2th house Scorpio) and Sun 3rd house Sagittarius - quite well :)

Now it's time to really dive deep, look behind the scenes (Scorpio)

Reversed, you might be "overlooking resources that can help you achieve your goals. Gaze beneath the surface"

Still not time for grandeur action or 'official breakthroughs'.
There's still more to learn. 
Is there something you've postponed, to study or listen to 'later'?
Or even something physical - something you've put off to do - that it's time to do, as it may prove to have lessons built into it?
Holding an important piece to one of those aforementioned 'new worlds' that need to be created.

I've found this to be a great way for me to move forward. 
A little like #triangulation
By learning three things, I find my own truth in between!

By not discarding something we learn because it's not 100% match or in resonance with us, we can choose to keep the parts that do, and step by step find our path. 
This is not to be confused with keeping only what is comfortable, being guided by fear, and not wanting to listen to anything not matching long-kept beliefs.
On the contrary, true science and personal development includes the scrutinizing of our own beliefs. 
Continuously checking if they are in alignment of our essence.

If you don't have a 'clear calling' or 'vivid visions/dreams' it might be that you need to do like I do - reverse engineer.
In the physical realm I find out more and more about myself be learning what I am NOT, and what NOT belongs to me and my life.

Like Michelangelo cutting out a statue i marble - slowly chisel away the superfluous material covering the sculpture within.

Funnily enough very suiting with the theme of the deck: "discover what you are made of" 

Deck: #DarkWoodTarot

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