Page of Pentacles, Ancient Italian Tarot


Follow the energy of passion, curiosity, expansion and inquisitiveness (and not the 'know-it-all ;))!

Two reversed P8s and two upright PPs in 7 days!

Page after 8 both times. 
So, we're advised to study rather than work?!
Or rather - examine with curiosity instead of mindlessly perform repetitive labor (yesterday: misguided direction, perfectionism)!

It might look the same for someone looking from outside, but differ greatly in the intention behind!

The one is driven by insecurity and fear - 'if I just work harder I'll be/feel loved/enough'.
One is driven by a sense of lack and scarcity, an urge to 'get' - get appreciation, get what we think we lack.
To summarize - to get something back (but in our heads clad in a coat of altruism - 'I'm doing it for you').
Something we believe me miss, lack or need.
The underlying energy: 'I want to survive'

The other is driven by curiosity. 
A wanting to know, to understand, to learn.
Not because we lack something, but because we want to expand and experience!
The underlying energy: 'I want to LIVE!* 

A wanting to expand and 'extend our love' is very different in energy/intention from 'wanting to get'...

I think it is very important to see and know the difference.
The one is generating greed, stress, isolation, pain - and yes, dis-ease.
The other is the fertile soil we individually and collectively need for thriving, sharing, togetherness, health, and yes - for survival. 

One intention is depleting, the other is regenerative.

Deck: #AncientItalianTarot
Theme: "passion"

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