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Relax and enjoy!

After a couple of days with devilish tendencies in the air, and advice about thinking twice, saying no and walking away, we now finally see some playful, joyful and relaxed energies again!

In the card we have a relaxed fellow with loose fitting clothes, outside breathing some (hopefully) fresh air - offering delicacies, and inviting you to enjoy live!
It might feel a little bit 'too early', just having had to closely watch your back, to suddenly be walking with this goofy stranger out on the plank..! And maybe being invited to jump into a gondola and letting someone else stand by the rudder, and take you on a trip on the labyrinthic canal system of Venice!

The quick throws of life - one day requiring you to stay alert and on guard, and to totally let go, trust and embrace innocence the next!
But both of these scenarios have (at least) one task in common for you: to be inquisitive!
To never stop being curious and asking questions!

So after a couple of days with serious and important choices and things on the agenda, the advice is now to relax, enjoy, and of course... smile!
Say yes to a nice offering, or maybe offer something nice to someone else!
It could be "just" about sending out nice words, and raise the amount of kindness in the world! 

Life is very much about relationships - about how we are speaking and relating to, and treating, each other. 
(and were it all starts: how we're thinking about each other)

Deck: Romantic Tarot
Theme: "along the roads of love and relationships"
Card: Knave of Cups - Innocence
"Love is necessary to bring the light back into a lost smile. Kind words are needed to radiate happiness."

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