Open Your Heart, Answer Is Simple


Open your heart to whatever it is you are feeling - time for healing!

Who make you feel safe?
What crosses your current boundaries, and trigger trauma responses (anxiety, anger, withdrawal)?
What and who cost more energy of your energy than it gives?

Honor your feelings and body's responses - or your inner child, or whatever name you feel comfortable naming your inner hurt!
Just be with the feelings. How does it feel, where does it feel?
No need for explanations nor reactions (that equals avoidance of the actual feelings), just descriptions, just presence with the.
Be with them, not IN them.
You are not your feelings.
But honor them - whatever responses your body and nervous system present, they've helped you survive to this point!

But yesterdays medicine is today's poison!
Time for a new management, well timed with a new moon :)
A new moon conjunct Chiron - The Trauma Planet - so what better time to heal some old traumas?! :)

We want more in life than merely survive, we want to thrive, don't we?!
Thrive and live our purpose!

Inspired by: Mastin Kipp

Deck: Answer Is Simple
Card: Open Your Heart

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