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Stuck in your head and unconscious survival patterns (thinking thinking will solve everything) much?!

Sorry, but it won't get you to 'feel one with all' (or yourself) :)

Overthinking can't be solved with more thinking you know ;) and as #TheAnxietyMD says; you can't beat the thoughts on their own turf. 
That's it. 
You don't have to follow every train of thought.
You don't have to believe a single one of them!
No matter how persuasive it is. 

The perceived anxiety is a (bi)product of the mind - a mind (nervous system) programmed for survival.
Yes, once a time these patterns actually kept you alive. 
You needed to separate from your body, from your emotions, from your feelings.
You needed to stay in that part above your shoulders, or you would have drowned in overwhelm, or something else.
But not any more.

For thriving you need a new guiding star!
Your body. 
Listen to the signals of your body.
Instead of engaging in a stress inducing dialogue in your head, feel and listen to the alarm in your body.

Hasting up into the head 'finding a reason for the alarm' is a learned survival mechanism. 
For a moment it's varm and comforting. Like peeing in your pants ;)
Comforting because the mind has "eliminated the uncertainty."
But the alarm in the body can't be solved in the head, only in the body, under the layers of protection.
Maybe the trigger comes from outside - but the hurt is inside. 

If you're anything like me, this is hard work - a new turf!
Guidance from experienced and well-versed people might be needed.
But they are few, and far apart.
You might have to follow them at distance - The Star.
Through books, podcasts, or online courses.

"Heal, and in your healing look around and see with crystal clarity how easily the impossible becomes possible."


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