Nine of Pentacles, Healing Earth Tarot


Working alone - for the collective!

Now we finally seem to put the the non-caring dude aside for a bit.
Now were talking about 'sacred' and healing work.
Beginning yesterday with The High Priestess/Voyager Tarot.

What is 'working'?
What is contribution, what is being of service?
Does it have to be working 9 to 5, or having some form of title on a business card?

What is it called when the munk meditates, and (no matter how minimal and immeasurable) raises the vibration of the collective?
Isn't that kind of work the most important?!

As I see it, and as this card "confirms", you don't have to leave your house to be working for the benefit of the whole.
You don't even have to talk to someone.

It can be frustrating, challenging and perplexing to the ego though, if you have an ego liking measurable results and attention. 
But by bettering yourself, you ARE working for and bettering the whole, no matter how infinitesimal!

And if you inspire someone to do the same - bonus!!

All depending on your particular configuration and soul mission of course.
Many people have an assignment that calls them to really be out there, very actively and physically.
But don't for a second think that your task is any less important if it's a more silent and inward one!
Any work you do to create Authentic Power (google Gary Zukav) and become the best possible and unconditionally loving version of YOU, is contributing to the healing and bettering of all. Period :)

Deck: Healing Earth Tarot
Theme: "healing Earth, one human at the time (starting with oneself)"
Card: Nine of Shields
"a person capable of working alone with both power and dignity"
"and whose work enriches both herself and others", because it's authentic and in alignment with the soul.

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