Nine of Cups + The Sun, Magic Manga + Insight


Your cup isn't half empty, it's half full - enjoy and explore what you have, and ARE! :)

Open up, shine, share what you got, even if it's not 'perfected' yet!
Even if you don't feel fully emotionally self-sufficient and stable yet, you can still inspire and be of service for others from where you are in your process.
Your process might be quickened from doing so - with the right person(s)!

Express what you feel, and act from what you've found and know to be true about yourself so far, and let the rest unfold!
You're always enough just as you are, in every moment!
How could it be any other way?!

Deck: Magic Manga Tarot
Theme: "adult comic"
Card: Nine of Cups (R)

Deck: Insight Tarot
Theme: "spontaneous epiphanies produces different visions of events"
Card: The Sun
"ability to be happy for no reason"
"openness, trust, expression of feelings and needs"

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