Nine of Cups, Glastonbury Tarot


It's as important to be able to receive as to give :)

I read, "Allow yourself to enjoy what is being offered to you, without questioning it, because it is your own positive energy that is finding its way back to you."

"Because you are able to function from your heart energy, the universe responds by enabling you to accept its gifts while you offer your own gifts of love and compassion to others."

Whatever good's coming yo you - you are worth it!
Don't let old patterns, defense mechanisms, survival patterns, or ego talk take this as an opportunity to shrink you!
Don't turn this into a "to good to be true", "luck", "who am I to...", "it will turn around".
Of course things WILL turn around, life goes up and life goes down, things come to life things die - but why not enjoy "good things/time", instead of investing you energy in dreading a hypothetical end of it, or in thinking lousy about yourself?!

Also, "not getting your hopes up", or "being prepared for the worst", or not enjoying things "because they might be taken away from you" are merely old survival mechanisms talking, or trauma responses, not really helping you living a fulfilled life!

Whatever negative thoughts popping up when something good comes to you - ask them what their purpose is - truly listen, and sit with the feelings arising. Then create a new narrative, promoting health!
#TraumaHealing #ThePowerOfWords

Whatever good's coming your way, it's proof you're on the right path - keep the love and compassion rolling - yes, in YOUR direction too! ;)

Deck: #GlastonburyTarot
Theme: "a look in the mirror"
Card: Nine of Cups - Generosity 

#TarotCollection #CardOfTheDay #Healing #generosity #Acceptance #SelfWorth #SoulAlignment #GiveAndReceive #Receiving #Reward #Enjoy #Pleasure #PromoteHealth #NewNarrative 

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