Never Enough + Queen of Pent's, Love Pack + Sun and Moon


Don't look with your eyes, feel with your heart - there are times when people can only give so much.

Never Enough
"It is time to recognize and begin to heal this portion of yourself. Begin by forgiving yourself and anyone around you who may also be acting this scenario out."

Likely a case of trauma meeting trauma - as we generally speaking meet people who reflects something in us in one way or another, or carries some version of the same trauma. Or, who basically enters our lives to "reveal where we're not free" as Peter Crone use to say.

If there is a part of us panicking regarding 'getting' now for some reason, it's important to be compassionate towards ourselves and the person outside triggering this.
What fear in us is feeding this thirst, this need for constant attention, and maybe even attention in a particular way?
And maybe it's good to consider the possibility that fear has caught the best of the other too (maybe having a fear of not BEING enough) - fears are stubborn, and don't bend easily (I'm thinking about the goat). 

Let's proceed lightly. 
Let's not get lost in details or outer appearance now.
Let's sit down for a bit. 
Let's get in touch with our essence.

Queen of Pent's 2 times in four days.
"empathetic, generous and loyal"

All is well.

Deck: #LovePack
Theme: "relationship guidance"

Deck: #SunAndMoonTarot
Theme: "Don't Look with Your Eyes"

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