Knight of Cups, Maker's Tarot


Oh, all these feelings, what to do with them?

"Wear those feelings with pride and assurance."

The card describes the art of airbrushing. Here specifically airbrushing a T-shirt, alluding to those you can find in gift shops in tourist towns "to celebrate a couple's love" - something I can't recall having stumbled upon though!

Anyhow, it all makes me think in questions - the ever so important attribute of the Self: curiosity. 
How do I 'wear my feelings'?
Which feelings do I choose to wear, and which not?
How do I portray them?
To whom?
Why not?

How to decorate that T-shirt? 
Beautifying it to 'focus on the positive', to 'appear strong and resilient'? (Chart ruler Venus)
Make something outspoken and expressive to 'let everybody know', to 'spur change', to 'keep others away'? (Mars Out Of Bounds)
Leave it empty... to 'not upset', to 'not tock the boat', to 'not hurt', and 'process it in silence? (Lonely overwhelmed moon) 


What is it to 'wear feelings with pride and assurance'?
What if sharing your true feelings scare people off, and 'leave you alone'...? 
(But keeping quiet about them make you FEEL insanely alone)


In one sense airbrushing is a 'controlled process' - considering it's a tool you hold and guide. But on the other hand, it's spray - not a single point pen. 
Maybe there's some guidance in that?!
Maybe it's an advice to 'find to a general approach and direction', and then let what comes come.

But also, I'm thinking about the upcoming full (blood) moon (eclipse) - conjunct the 'anything can (and will) happen' Uranus.
(Conjunct my Chiron - ouch!)
Probably emotions and paint will spray all over the place, and we will have to adjust and handle it as we go :)

Deck: #MakersTarot
Theme: "make something of/follow your creativity"

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