King of Wands, Crystal Visions Tarot


Which answers to find?

A beautiful and powerful card. Typically a "good" card. Talking about strength, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, ambition and leadership.
But reading about this particular King, makes me wonder!
Sure, we have the,
"charming and magnetic (sweeping women off their feet...)"
But the next ends with (for the upright),
"as soon as the fires of his passion die down, he is onto the next great thing"

It resonates with the card of yesterday in an interesting way!
Yesterday: the "couldn't care less" fellow, from a deck themed 'navigating the future'.
Today: a "I DO care - as long as I feel like it" dude, from a deck themed 'a future unknown/too early for answers'.

We have a description of a person alternating between withdrawal (The Hermit) and wanting to be the Center of the Stage (a charismatic heroic King).
Probably a rather unpredictable fellow.
Probably (unconsciously) acting a lot on instinct - "now I want to - now I don't", being in a mental/emotional state not open to receive/perceive feelings/wishes/views of others.

And yes, it's hard to navigate the future with this kind of fluctuating energy, or getting any kind of answers - yes, I think even the Crystal Ball would go blank, because in some sense the future is truly unknowable when we're dealing with people exercising the Free Will to the max. 
Maybe "God knows the outcome", but keep (us) his little helpers in the dark.
Because some questions should remain unanswered, and/or unveiled only little by little.

Maybe (probably) the universe introduces these 'erratic and unpredictable energies' into our lives for a reason.
Not to annoy us, even if it may feel like that!
But always for our growth - in one way or another.

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot
Theme: "the answer is in the future/yet to be unveiled" (deck has an Unknown card)
Card: King of Wands

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