King of Swords, Raven's Prophecy Tarot


"The King is the logical product of a lifetime of valuing the truth, of valuing facts, of valuing the secret details that often escape others."

A continuation of yesterday's talk about diligent studies and piecing information together!

Yesterday we had a presentation of a student who 'absorbs information like a sponge', and 'takes what she learns, and creates new worlds'.
I likened it to 'triangulating one's path forward' - learning three things or seeing something from three different perspectives, and finding your own path where they all intersect - at a point previously hidden, revealed because of your unwavering willingness to learn, seek knowledge and expanding your awareness. Because of your capacity to see and 'value the secret details' and creatively knit the abstract information together.

Deck: #RavensProphecyTarot
Theme: "Balancing Logic - Creativity"

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