King of Cups, Voyager Tarot


Follow your heart is NOT the same thing as following your emotions!

It's about following what you 'know' not what you think you know.
What you need, not what you desire (crave).

Anything accompanied with storming feelings is of the ego or your fears talking.

Also, not every emotion or feeling needs to be analysed or picked to pieces.
I know many spiritual teachings say you should go within, feel the feeling, call it by a name, recognize where it sits.
But my experience is, some are mere distractions.
Without cause, without solution.

Maybe not without cause. But without anything needing to be specifically acknowledged or fixed.
Like for me, having a Moon with lots of aspects. Anything and all triggers emotions and feelings in me.
Some should just be allowed to pass by. 
I have my Moon challenged by my Neptune. 
I know some emotions, feelings and sensations "are mere illusions". 
I don't like it, but that's how it is.
Just like you must not believe all your thoughts, there are feelings that are best left alone.

And the general - not act on feelings of fear, but those of love.

Summary: learning to know the difference between all - that's the journey!
Learning which waves to surf and which to pass. Learning which waters will give you an adventure, and which will merely risk to drown you. Knowing which days and weathers to leave the surf board in its case.

A full time job if you ask me!

Deck: Voyager Tarot
Theme: "The journey is the destination - always!"
Card: Man of Cups (R) - The Surfer
"Be calculating and discriminating in choosing which emotional waves to ride and which to let pass."

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