King of Cups + King of Wands, Circle of Life + Beauty of Horror


'I look beyond door number one!'

The theme of 'burdens' seem to continue (two lying fellows yesterday).

King of Cups.
We again see two distressed creatures.
One covering his eyes (something we don't want to see??), and one hiding covering up her naked skin (something you don't want to reveal??).
With wings. We really have trouble accepting our divine nature, don't we?!
Feeling uncomfortable proudly living and shining our own truth.
And the winged King maybe pondering over how he can instill some courage in his fellow angels.
Or not. Maybe he's rather waiting for them to realise it themselves, with his loyal dog waiting by his feet.
No rush.
You can't give someone courage. It's an inside job.
It's about getting rid of that which is covering the divine already residing within you.

I read, "A heavy load is not a burden if we understand its value."
It is NOT a 'burden to be you'.
It is a burden to carry whatever story from the past you are dragging with you, limiting you!
What might that be you ask?

The domineering and controlling King of Wands!
I read, "someone who stops at nothing to take and keep power".
Initially, it might have been 'someone out there', but now it's a voice inside you, telling you 'what you need to do'.
To be 'liked', to 'be good', to get attention, to get approval, to ... survive!

Enough with the surviving!
Time to spread our growing wings and begin to ... THRIVE!

Yes, it's painful to 'change the narrative' (aka 'kill the ego')
But that's NOTHING compared to the suffering of hiding your wings :)
The bittersweet Horror of Life!

Deck: CircleOfLifeTarot
Theme: ^
Card: King of Cups

Deck: BeautyOfHorrorTarot
Theme: "there's more to life than your perceived horror"
Card: King of Wands

"What happened, happened and couldn't have happened in any other way... because it didn't." ~Peter Crone

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