Justice, Tree Tarot


Rome wasn't built in a day!

So what is this 'following your heart' thing?!
This constant repetition of 'find and live by your core values' that I've been writing about pretty much since Christmas..!

One thing it is NOT is weighing pros and cons!
(The story of my life - doing what feels least wrong, not knowing what 'right' feels :))

You might remember how you've exercised this +/- method before pretty much all decisions previously in your life, and it didn't really spark your joy or take you to a place where your heart thrives, no matter how many "good:s" was behind the decision?!
(inner dialog, that's how I process things often - sparked by Tarot)

Begin there. 
If you're uncertain about something, and begin "weighing stuff" - just stop!

Perfect example of where/how to exercise the Spot-Stop-Swap thing, by Jay Shetty?
Spot that you've entered this kind of reasoning again. Stop it.
Swap it.
Maybe to: do not make a decision until you just Know or, Must. 

I know it's uncomfortable, I know it feels like everything takes forever "not being allowed to get involved in the process or influence the outcome", but if you don't even know your goal or what's actually best for yourself (again, me) - how the hell would you know how you should effect the process?! 
Use your logic wisely - not to make you feel comfortable! ;)

Where are you in such a hurry to get anyway?!
(Tarot answers: Circle of Life Tarot - XII :D Yes, acceptance, surrender. Let's begin there!)

Deck: Tarot of Trees
Theme: "slow steady organic growth"
Card: Justice (R)

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