Justice, Everyday Tarot


The line that caught my eyes in the LWB:
"Forgive yourself for any misguided decisions you have made."

Just do better when you know better :)

What you thought of as exciting and good for you one month or week ago, might now have changed, as you have come to know yourself even better. It might have been good just for getting to know yourself a little bit better, and now it's time to move on in one way or another.
Things and people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 

New insights come bearing new information, and may lead to further self-awareness, requiring new (more giuded) decisions.

Maybe you've learned more about what (healthy) trauma responses your body shows - what puts you out of balance (dysregulates you) and make you feel partly, but deeply, unsafe.
That's super important information!
And might require some new boundaries having to be set - others understanding it or not. 

The need to accept that life becomes 'unfair' from time to time - you having to do something that's uncomfortable for you, or accepting that someone else judges you in an unfair way (when you set boundaries necessary for yourself for example) - remember that everyone reacts and responds from their level of awareness, consciousness and state of regulation. 

Everyone doesn't have to like you - or understand you or your decisions!
You have to stand yourself Everyday though, so that's the most important relationship to honor and heal.

Maybe that "unfair (uncomfortable)" thing you have to "do/say" to another is a part of their journey, and actually giving them an opportunity to face something in themselves (they willing, but their choice, not yours, to make)? 
Sometimes in life you have to 'ruffle some feathers' just as your feathers has to be ruffled.

Deck: Everyday Tarot
Card: Justice (R)

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