Immortality, Foxfire Oracle


And the "What's Work?" theme continues!

"You are Lifetimes-Long, Seeker"
"In this lifetime, you are being offered the wisdom of all that has gone before in order to continue the healing journey of your own soul."

This is VITAL work.
Sure, you have to "have an income", put food on the table, but without "soul-work", you "live no true life".
Then you are stuck in the "hamster wheel", stuck in the hyphen.
The hyphen that will represent your life on your tombstone, between your birth year and death year.

Astrologically speaking: it's not enough to rock your MC, you have to live a life in a direction that incorporates your North Node!
Your soul's mission, your soul's yearning.
A life that consist of an outer as well as inner journey.

How time and energy need to be distributed between these two journeys, I think, differs greatly from person to person.
(Compare a munk in a monastery and Moder Theresa for example - the former spends very much time with himself, the latter very much 'out there', both fulfilling their 'total mission', and contributing a lot in the "raising the collective vibe" thing)

I have come to learn ("the hard way") that I have to spend almost an munkly amount of time alone.
I'm calling it the hard way because my ego really doesn't fancy it, and still opposes the fact!
My ego wants to be SO much more 'out there', and wonders when the heck this "contemplative phase" will end already!

But only when I can bring my ego into reconciliation with this fact, and spend what seems to be an insane amount of time and energy on contemplation, and looking into all the nooks and crannies of my inner world and the mechanisms and reactions of the psyche, do I feel 'on target'. 

With only short visits in 'the real world'. Occasionally meeting people, helping them with their horses, and authentically 'radiating who I am'.

I have an uncanny amount of planets in my 1st house, north node in 11th, MC in 10th/Cancer.

And I have such a weakness for Chinese Painting, and the timeless unspoiled energies they breathe. 
And I own many interpretations of I Ching.

Deck: Foxfire Oracle
Theme: "know the wisdom and the secrets and the powers that lie within you"
Card: Immortality

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