High Priestess + Chariot, Magical Dogs + Heart of Stars


"It's time to trust your own inner song", your most valuable resource.

"Find what feeds your soul and embrace it."
Be fiercely loyal to your soul, and forget about the spotlight and 'how others might perceive you'.
Listen closely to your own inner quiet calm song, and do what it urges you to do.

You need to be in charge of your own direction (see The Star 2 days ago), and it's alignment with your soul's needs.
That's were all your will power need to be directed.
Never mind the "speed".
Speed is always subordinate direction.

Deck: Magical Dogs Tarot
Theme: "loyalty beyond the ordinary"
Card: The High Priestess (R)

Deck: Heart of Stars Tarot
Theme: "managing the spotlight"
Card: The Chariot (R)
"It is a call to let go of all the fears and be more in charge about one's direction"

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