Four of Swords + High Priestess, Crystal + St Croix


Seek solitude, and realign with your intuition and inner knowing.

In the first card the 2 little lotuses catch my eye. Separated by a sword.
Put yourself in the middle and keep others in your peripheral sight for a moment.

Deck: #CrystalTarot
Theme: "Something is crystallizing"
Card: Four of Swords - Isolation
"A calm mind is essential for making a just decision"   

Don't let instinct sway you off now.
Distance yourself a little, regain calm and balance with help of your logic (the separating sword), and reconnect with your inner voice (reversed suggesting the connection is shaky).

Deck: #StCroixTarot
Theme: ""Sensing your own path" or "synchronicity as a guide"
Card: The High Priestess (R)
"Tune into your intuition"

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