Four of Pentacles


'Only love will make you happy!'

Not hugging your possessions, or controlling that things flow to and from you to your liking.
Yet another lesson that life is what's beyond 'stuff' and control. 

Life is when you let go of squeezing your energy and your resources, and let go of the concept that others must "deserve what you got".
That does not mean that you should throw your energy onto everyone and everything. You can still choose where and how.
Like yesterday's card: you don't always have to be the one who provides.

You can hold back. It's just a matter of HOW you do it.
It's a big difference between 'choosing to stand back/not to invest/engage' and 'refusing to give'.
The former you can do with love, the latter comes from fear/resistance.

Care for and cherish your gifts and resources, just beware of greedingly clinging to them, and using them with strings attached.

As always, it's about learning to use your heightened awareness and magic wand for love and good!

You've got this one - keep up the good work!

Deck: Wizards Tarot
Theme: "Mandrake Academy - The School of Magic and Wizardry"
Card: Four of Pentacles (R)

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