Four of Cups + Devil, Javanne + White Cats


When it feels like all your cups are empty, how do we get out of the Devil's chains?

"hidden or suppressed feelings"
"hidden away from the world to suffer under cover"
We hide away, suffer in silence, and still have the instinct to 'remain strong'.

The problem is that we, by suppression, hide the pain not only for others, but for ourselves too. 
We might talk about our 'problems', but we hide the pain...
There's a great difference.
We refrain from actually get in touch with the hurt and our wounds.
We talk about what triggered them or - at best - ABOUT them (instead of with them).

As long as we do this, our hurts will continue to 'hunt' us.
Chain us.
Not leave us alone.

We do stuff to distract ourselves.
We produce more and more thoughts to 'solve' the pain - but in reality, the thoughts merely drown it.
Maybe we know that. Maybe we know it can't be silenced, so we try to drown it with something even louder.
Because we just can't 'stand it'.

"this person, or the entire situation, is vulnerable to outer influences"

But what is it that has awakened this vulnerability?
And why are we so afraid of it?
How come 'strength' has become to push this down, and push on?

Maybe the time finally has come to stand by your vulnerability. 
To be present with your pain.
Not 'push through' it, nor shrink from it. 

One thing is for certain - it hasn't been triggered by coincidence ;)

Deck: #JavanneTarot
Theme: "free yourself from the brain"
Deck: #WhiteCatsTarot
Theme: "integrity; pure intentions"

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