Five of Wands + The Sun, Yarn + Friends


Opposition affecting your ability to shine and play!

Today there may be someone 'pulling your thread', or something messing with you head!
Seemingly 'making you annoyed'.
Standing in the way.

But the probability that it's just a matter of 'different opinions', is great!
Someone thinking and perceiving in a different way than you.
Something behaving in a way you don't like.

Triggering your protectors.

Testing your awareness and your progress ;)
(W5 - the card of competition)

Can you stand strong in your own views, without entering defense mode?
Without bashing others with your 'insights'?
Without following eventual desires to outshine?

Let the curiosity and perkiness of Phoebe guide you today :)

Deck: #YarnTarot
Theme: "untangling"
Card: Five of Wands

Deck: #FriendsTarot
Theme: "I'll be there for you"
Card: The Sun (R)

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