Five of Cups, Motherpeace Tarot


"She maybe holding off feelings of sadness or tears"

So, there's a huge difference between talking about and knowing that you feel sad and actually connecting with it, feeling it and embracing it. And it's a sadness in itself that we (generally speaking) don't get taught how to do this in our 'modern society'!
I strongly believe that this is one of the greatest reasons that 'the world is the way it is' - that we don't hold space for our own and other's feelings, but rather...hold them off, at arms length. Hoping they will pass of their own.
The uncomfortable feelings that is! The comfy ones we celebrate and bask in, and wouldn't dream of numbing, or call the doctors about!
What a peculiar world we leave in.
If you ask me!

Let's change this, shall we?!
Let's promote a world where all emotions are honored, valued, embraced and invited to the party!

Theme: "staying strong in your womanhood/femininity"
Card: Five of Cups
"The sticky starfish are tipping over the cups; some pearls have spilled out."

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