Five of Cups, Magical Dogs Tarot


Unexpected consequences clouding your vision!

This card is both image and interpretation wise just so jaw dropping accurate for my life situation!!
It's just so freaking cool that such a perfect card can appear 'by chance' - me clicking on the randomizer to pick out a deck for me (among 200+), me shuffling it three times, quickly cutting it, and flipping the top card - as usual.
(No, I don't 'feel for the card', or run around the house clockwise three times, or bath my decks in moonlight. I care for them, and treat them like the very good friends they are to me. Hence I don't go through them or interview them at arrival either, just like I wouldn't stick a questionnaire in the hands of someone I just met, or ask them to show me all their photo albums. Each to his or her own model of use :))

So, things already were a bit confusing (see recent cards), and then something happened that stirred things evens more?!

Beforehand, it felt and looked harmless. Like fun and play! 
Then something happened that suddenly changed the scenery.
Dog playing with sea creatures, innocently and curiously - but suddenly getting it's face squirted!

In all honesty, in hindsight, maybe it wasn't so unexpected after all - that there would be some kind of 'unpleasant consequence'?
What to expect when you're 'playing with fire' - messing around with feisty sea creatures?!

But don't fall prey to despair or regret (typical C5 keywords)!
Everything happens for a reason.
"What happened happened, and couldn't have happened any other way ... because it didn't." -Peter Crone
Your actions and choices were driven by loyalty, innocence and curiosity - that's good!
The uncomfortable 'unexpected consequences' are most likely due to early childhood (attachment) trauma - which needs to come to light and and be seen, heard and healed - so that's actually good too!

Embrace the hurt parts of you speaking up!
Practice being WITH your emotional responses instead of IN them :)
Beware of 'explaining them away' or hurry into 'creating narratives around them'.
Just hug them like the little children they are!

Deck: #MagicalDogsTarot
Theme: "loyalty beyond the ordinary"
Card: Five of Sea

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