Empress + Moon, Chrysalis + Golden Thread


Food for reflection!

Things happening in your life now are excellent food for self-reflection, and getting in touch with your own inborn intuition and the nature of things!
Nurturing your transformation - as gaining more self-knowledge and raising your general awareness of how things are connected (and everything is) is the speediest way to 'up your game'!

Whatever happens, it is FOR you, not TO you - and now you might have the opportunity to really feel that abundance hidden in your 'ordinary day' :)

Deck: ChrysalisTarot
Theme: "budding transformation"
Card: The Empress - Gaia
"she reminds you to be a positive, nurturing and loving person. By doing so, with her you will co-create your own abundance."

Deck: GoldenThreadTarot
Theme: "control through self knowledge and awareness"

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