Eight of Wands, Native American Tarot


I read, "The magical pitcher for water, guarantor of fertility and life"

I google a bit and find,
"a bowl used for water rituals, fertility and resistance rituals. [...] No matter how difficult or meaningless it seems, accept that an ancestral wisdom resides in the heart, even if you struggle with the mind." (nativesdawn.com/blog)

Reversed seems to magnify this 'resistance theme'! 
Are you maybe resisting something you 'know in you heart'? 
Are you resisting 'something offered to you'?
Something that might look like a simple clay pot, but that's actually a 'magical gift', containing something.

Don't let the container fool you.
Or rather, don't let 'age comfort', reluctance 'having to sacrifice comfort' or taking responsibility, fear of failures, or fear of the unknown trigger you to turn this gift (upside)down?!

I can't but repeat the words from the last two cards - dare 'see what's behind the door', instead of making the comfier choice to rest in the nest! :)

Let your heart guide you - not your head!
Let you heart give you the direction, and use the head for actual implementation!

Deck: NativeAmericanTarot
Theme: "everything has it's own spirit - be one with your land"
Card: Eight of Wands - Mongwokoro

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