Eight of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite Tarot


Work smarter, not harder!

The head can be eager to make a sort of to-do list for you, of all the things that you "should do" and that "should be done".
And, at face value, that list seems sensible. 
Rationally speaking, they really 'should be done'. 
If you're enrolled in a course, you 'should' study. You should keep up with a schedule, to pass the exam or meet goals.
When you live in a house or on a farm there are a lot of things that you 'should keep up with'.

You should.
But must you?!

I've pretty much thrown all forms of goal-setting out of the window since many years, and never once turned back!
At least all forms of "measurable goals".
My only true needs and 'goals' are to feel in alignment with the universe and my soul, to every day know a little bit more about myself and grow, and "give the gifts I was born to give" (Gary Zukav)!

Following your creativity is not about ditching responsibilities and doing what you think is fun instead, but about aligning with the flow of the universe, and doing what's most right in the moment!

If you have a hard time feeling that flow, and TRUSTING that feeling, you can do like me - have 197 Tarot decks to guide you ;)
Or any other tool or routine that suits your configuration being a potent one.

Let your head make the list, but use your heart to find the order in which you do it!
Or read your environment or the general circumstances.
What seems to be the next best thing to do?
If you don't know, wait until you do, or until it becomes obvious because of necessity :)

Deck: Radiant Rider Waite Tarot
Theme: "back in school"
Card: Eight of Pent's (R)

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