Dark Magician, Infinite Visions Tarot


Heads up - dark forces lurking!

Either someone nearby, or 'as simple as' voices in your head not having your best interest in mind.
And as always when resourceful people are involved - it might SOUND good, reasonable and smart!
But the cards ask you to stay extra alert for the time being. 
Continue practice the (painful) patience mentioned yesterday.

If that triggers "eagerness" or a sense of urge in that 'other' or in the voices in your head - you're on to something!
Soul/spirit never pushes. There's always a sense of calm to it. A self-explanatory feeling - nothing to explain, you just know.

I would even go as far as, even of you(r head) or someone comes with a 'good idea' right now, you might wanna put it on hold.

Through the years I've really come to trust my cards, even when they not 'make sense'.
For whatever reason, 'The Universe' is clearly holding up a warning here.

Transparency: I was just about to do some "very reasonable advertising moves". Perfectly rationally "good for business" actions. Not even something "big", just "sowing some seeds", "get some balls rolling" - clearly a bad idea!!
Why?! the voice in the head might mutter, not seeing any rational reason for aborting the mission.
But I've learned to listen to these things.
Some people have it more intuitively - suddenly knowing not to go somewhere for example, and so escaping an accident.
I yet have to use my cards.  

And when they are this clear, I listen, and obey.

Deck: #InfiniteVisionsTarot 
Our heads fathom such a limited portion of the world - the chances are that some 'good decisions' just aren't, seen from a more all-inclusive perspective!

Card: Dark Magician
A card unique for this deck.
Just a very unlikely card to get, considering I have 200+ decks, there's just no way around that fact.
So 'unwillingly I listen', and put my ideas on hold for now.

Maybe my plans are plain bad (from a greater perspective).
Maybe I'm lacking some information.
Maybe something better/else show up.

The Universe knows better than me, that I've learned 'the hard way' - also when it comes to what's best for me!

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