Cornucopia + Two of Swords, Energy Oracle + Friends


"Wishes fulfilled" and cross-roads?!
Let's walk this one through!

"you've done important work and it's about to pay off. The seeds you've planted in your energy and in your life are ready to be harvested in some significant ways."
Now, that's not how my head perceives my situation!
But the cards are always right, something "unpredictable" (out of the heads reach/scope...) happens in these cases #trust #faith
May I know more what this card relate to? O:)

Yes (asked my dice as usual).

Maybe we're starting to feel that we actually have some pretty awesome friends now, and/or that we finally know what we're looking for in a friend and what people are good for us to surround ourselves with?
Because we've 'done the (energy) work'.
We're coming closer to our authentic selves, and look for authenticity in those we 'keep close' too.
We're done with the drama. The gossiping, the blaming, the shaming. The 'escaping ourselves through others'.
And now allow ourselves 'the luxury' to chose who to interact with, and how.
We're torn.
We know 'how to create abundance', but we're a bit passive (sitting) and still have troubles acting on behalf on our knowing?
We still rush up in our heads, and think too much - swords.
There's still a part of us wanting to be perfect and 'spotless' while keeping everyone else happy - Monica :)

Keep doing your energy work!
Stay out of your head - or you will get trapped in indecision between 2 (or more) 'shoulds' :)

Life is more complex than one (survival focused, likely traumatized) brain can comprehend, so don't trust the mind to guide you to thriving and happiness!

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