Ace of Swords, Joie de Vivre Tarot


"Peering through his telescope, he cuts away at old ways of thinking to make way for greater vision."

Looking far ahead.
Life is a marathon, not  sprint.

Maybe you need to say no to something today, as to heal and make the foundation, build strength and create vitality to say yes to and ENJOY even more things further ahead.
Now you need to say yes to your body, to yourself, to your healing.
I have yesterday's cards about heart pain and rebirth in mind. 

Enjoy how far you've come, enjoy what you already have.
Why focus on everything you haven't "achieved" or all you cannot do?!
Learn to think in in new creative ways!

Add more curiosity to your thinking (and life)!
(instead of mere analysis...)

It's not about 'positive thinking'.
It's futile and doomed to fail to try to think in a way that doesn't match our feelings and bodily sensations.
But as we adapt a more curious  (and a little whimsical) approach to life, to our sensations, to our experiences, and to our feelings, it will most likely become more enjoyable!

Less focus on achieving, doing and results - and more focus on exploration!
Preferably (or at least including) your inside world rather than 'out there' :)

Deck: #JoieDeVivreTarot
Theme: -^-
"Be clear and thoughtful about your intentions when beginning a new venture."

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