Ace of Pentacles, Fountain Tarot


There's potential in the air, resource wise!

Be it material, economical, or as I like to view pentacles - gift/capacity/competence/service wise.
Based on the firm belief that true wealth and physical balance is so much more than money and stuff.

(Personal detour:
Much because of the fact that when I first begun using the Tarot in 2014 (without NO guidance or pre-knowledge what so ever), I used it solely for self-analysis (quite intensive and sometimes frighteningly deep "shadow work") for years, while having NO work/income but all bills "effortlessly" paid and a lovely house with 4 rooms and a garden for myself and my cats - I had do widen the scope for Pentacles beyond "stuff you can touch" if they were to mean anything..! 
#CrazyCatLady #DontTryThisAtHomeKids )

Wow 1: the 3rd deck/card combination repeating itself since the start of this CoD series Oct '19!

Wow 2: it's not any potential we're talking about, it's A/THE potential, originating in Source - The Fountain of life itself.

Which can make this otherwise "hands on ace" feel a bit abstract?
You can feel, or just 'know', there's something growing/coming - but what?

Which is perfectly in line with the Mercury retrograde we have - you wont get a clear answer just yet, and most certainly not from the outside.
In line with the card of yesterday - 'let it come, don't go get it', 'go within, remain open, and the answer will reveal itself', when time is ripe.

It's a potential to 'sit with'!
Honor it. Feel it. Connect with it.

I don't even know what this means, but "these are the the words that come to me"!
(I personally don't like 'sitting with stuff', I want to KNOW, now - see Crystal Visions King post yesterday)

Deck: Fountain Tarot
Theme: "interconnectedness, the source"
Card: Ace of Pentacles

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