Ace of Cups, Venetian Carnival Tarot


Today, put on your mask and do what you know is true - don't drag your past with you. 

Maybe you still feel separated, "under the weather", or still "defeated" in some sense, but put that a bit on hold today.
Biddy Tarot Card of the Week: The Hanged Man.

There's nothing to fix or arrange, and - there's nothing wrong. 
Take advice from the sky - it's ok to feel blue!

It's not necessary, or even possible, to 'feel good' all the time.
But it can be necessary, or advisable, to act as if you do sometimes!
Nay, not 'pretend to be happy', but rather 'act as if you know everything is perfect, in perfect order, and universal balance' - which you deep down KNOW all the time, even though you don't feel it all the time.

So, get out and do what you're supposed to do today. Give your gifts, plant seeds.

"It's important not to be too attached to the past, and consider the present as a seed stage to grow the future."

It's important not to try to "solve" whatever it is you feel split about, or treat it/act in it as you may have done in the past - grow out of it (not just from it)! 

"Put on your professional mask/persona" and find a new path!
Or, let a new path find you, through just being you!
Even if 'being you' is what's "put you in this place/state" - 'being you' is the only thing that will work, and lead you to 'success' in the long run :)

Keep giving of yourself - where it's appreciated!
And don't try to "convince" or "explain" yourself to the others.
Their loss if they don't appreciate your inner beauty, or care to get to know or understand it ;)
(It's actually enough that YOU understand, accept and appreciate YOU - the rest will follow)

Deck: Venetian Carnival Tarot
Theme: "persona management and psychological functions"
Card: Ace of Cups

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