Ace of Cups + Six of Wands, Shining Angels + Venetian Carnival


Confirming feelings behind the constructed mask is the road to success!

"character refines through difficult circumstances"

As, "Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you're not free." 

So, in this present moment, feel your emotions. Let them reveal where you are not free (rather than create a story about them or your circumstances). Where have you been putting up a mask or a pretense to 'cover up' for a fear or a "weakness"?

There's no particular way you 'should' feel, and there's no particular thing you 'should' do, and there's no one you 'should' please.
You're enough just the way you are created.
You're needed just the way you are created.

What's covering the true you, and what's stopping you from being fully you?!
What limiting constructs are you carrying around?
The only road to 'success' is being who you truly are :)

And the path to knowing the real you, is through your feelings!

"Exploring new ways, doing experiments, taking risks"

Deck: ShiningAngelsTarot
Theme: "Words from a loving angel"
Card: Ace of Cusps
"the chalice of happiness"

Deck: VenetianCarnivalTarot
Theme: "archetypes, psychological functions, and masks"
Card: Six of Wands

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